BWI strives to bring science and technology to our services.  BWI has a team of pilots that have multiple use drones that can provide comprehensive photos and documentation to assist in storm recovery.

Quick Response Times

Clients experience more real time information. Drones remove the need to wait for ladders and man-lifts to arrive, permits for road closures, sites to cool after a fire, or for flood waters to recede. Pilots can almost immediately release a drone, offering clients a quicker turnaround for site inspections and loss photos.

Lower Total Expense

Drones triage multiple sites quickly, helping to prioritize the needs of the site. This process can also ensure that the proper number of recommended professionals are assigned. There is no need to bring in specialists based on possibilities as initial fly overs may provide valuable assessment information.

Improved Safety

Pitched roofs, flooded sites, high-rise exterior facades, or otherwise hazardous conditions are inconsequential as consultants safely inspect otherwise inaccessible or hazardous sites or areas using drones.

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